How To Drive Traffic To Your WordPress Site

How To Drive Traffic To Your WordPress Site

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Published December 6, 2019 by Isaiah Cruz

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What is Traffic?

So you want to learn how to drive traffic to your WordPress site. To drive traffic to your WordPress site it is important to understand what traffic is. Traffic is a term used for describing people who come and view your website. It can also refer to customers but really it’s just describing whoever is coming to your site.

Why is traffic important for your WordPress site?

It is very important to drive traffic to your WordPress site. Traffic is the most important thing for a successful WordPress site. For example your website is the human body and traffic is the blood flow. If you don’t have any traffic your site isn’t being used to its full potential. No matter what you are using your site for you will need some sort of traffic that will need to be generated. Lucky for you we broke down step for step to start generating traffic as easy as one, two, three. 

Why is it good to have traffic on your site?

Now that you know why traffic is important, let us get to why traffic is good for your site. Say you are selling shoes online if you don’t have any traffic to your site who is going to know your selling shoes? Yeah, you might have a domain(Your Website url) that says but who is going to go to that site if there is nothing guiding traffic to your site. To sum it up a little bit no one knows who you are unless you tell people if that is word of mouth or social media.

Why no traffic is bad for your site?

So like some of the stuff I pointed out above, no traffic is bad. If you have 90% you have a business and of course, you don’t want your business to lose money. So why not drive traffic to your site. Now you may or may not know how to generate traffic. So let’s get into generating traffic. 

Step 1: Set up emails with your domain or just a regular email.

The first step has to be the most important and is a key element to start generating traffic. This will help you drive traffic to your WordPress site. By setting up emails you can then start to receive emails from clients and start to create social media accounts with the emails you created. With these emails you’re not just using them for social media you are also using them to engage with your potential clients. Having a professional email will make you seem more professional and less like a scam. Which we don’t want to come off as a scam to anyone because that can potentially give you a bad reputation. You will also use the emails you made for your business for future tools you might use for future success.

Step 2. Setup Social Media Accounts.

Now that you have business emails you can start to set up social media accounts. With these social media accounts, you can start to expand your brand and find people who are interested in your product. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram are great platforms to start to grow your brand and establish a social media presence. You don’t have to just use those platforms, there are many more you can use to grow a presence. By having a social media presence you will find more customers and potentially turn into an influencer. Let be honest Social media is key for a successful business in today’s world.

Step 3. Start to create relevant content for your business.

Now that you have created social media accounts with your business emails, you can now start to create content for your social media accounts. Now you are one step closer to driving traffic to your site. At the beginning stages of creating social media post you might not have a lot to post about, but don’t worry you will get there soon.

As soon as you have content for your social media accounts post them as soon as possible even if you need to post the same content on all your platforms do it. It is important to start the post as soon as you can to start to grow your social media presence. It will be a good idea to start to set up a scheduling system to put in place. For instance, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday set a post to be scheduled. Once you find a schedule that fits you start to create content ahead of time so you don’t have to focus on social media posts the whole time.

Step 4: Start to schedule the content to be released on its own.

Now that you set up your social media accounts and have relevant content for your posts. Start to schedule the content to be released on its own. This is important because it will free up a lot of your time to do other productive things. You can do this by using a 3rd party application or if your platform as a system in place for a scheduling tool. By doing this it will start to release post on your platform hands free. This will allowing you to have more time on doing what you need to do for your business. A 3rd party platform I recommend is Planable. Planable is a 3rd party software that you can connect your social media accounts. Planable will allow you to start to create social media posts and schedule them to be released on their own.

Step 5. Use a paid software to do the work for you.

You may not have the time to make multiple posts for the week and then release them so it is recommended to use paid software to do the work for you. Like I mentioned in the paragraph above Planable is a software that I personally recommend. Planable pricing starts at $39.00 per month. There is a free version of Planable. Planable does offer a free trial. There are many other paid software to use like Sprout Social and Hootsuite. It is all personal preference and your budget. You don’t have to go the paid route and blow your budget if you have a small limited budget. There are free methods out there that can do the job for you.

Step 6. The outcome of social media.

After some time you should start to see some traffic start to get generated from your post. If you keep up the social media post your traffic will start to keep growing. If you want a bigger impact you might want to consider paid advertisement. With paid advertisement you can target an audience the is looking for a product or service that you are offering. I would recommend our article on Five Best WordPress Plugins For Beginners on your next steps.