Google Ads Guidebook for WordPress Sites

Google Ads Guidebook for WordPress Sites


Published January 20, 2020 by Kevin Hinojosa

So you started your own WordPress website. You have a product or content and are ready to start promoting. You may want to know how to correctly advertise your software services. How do we reach the people we need to reach?  The answer to this is Google Ads. This is your Google Ads Guidebook for WordPress websites.

What is Google Ads

    First of all, what exactly are Google Ads? Some people may know Google Ads as Google Adwords or Google Adwords express. Rest assured that these names are referring to the same platform. This is because Google AdWords was newly rebranded as Google Ads in 2018. 

We have all seen google ads. Google Ads are simple. When an individual uses Google as a search engine, you get a countless number of results. Hence, these results are known as the Search Engine Results Page or SERP for short. So oftentimes you get over a billion results returned. The first few results on the results are actually google ads. Therefore this means that these results did not occur organically at the top. For that reason, these ads are created by businesses to increase traffic to their site. As a result, this is a very powerful tool that can exponentially increase your business if done correctly.

Why Google Ads for WordPress

Advertising to millions of people

    Why should you advertise your WordPress site on Google? Google is the largest search engine in the world. A web page fully dedicated to keeping up with the latest online statistics known as gives us the following statistics.

Collectively throughout the 2019 year, Google controlled over 75 percent of the search engine market share in the world. In the second place, Microsoft’s Bing controls 10 percent. In third place, Chinese search engine Baidu controls only 9.5 percent. Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, DuckDuckGo each control 2 percent or less of the search engine market share. Certainly, You can easily see why Google is the most popular search engine to advertise on.

How Google Ads work

    Advertising on Google Ads is not free. Your Google Ads function on a pay-per-click or PPC model. 

This means that every single marketer is competing for advertisement space on a bidding system. For that reason, you will have to choose which keywords you want to advertise. This means that there are multiple ads competing to appear on specific searches. If your bid is the highest bid at the time of search, then your ad will appear on the top of the SERP of Google 

Google Ads Bidding Systems

Pay per click

This google bidding system that you may use fall under three categories.


You may also choose to bid under Cost-per-mile or CPM. This means you are bidding to pay x amount for every 1000 ad impressions. Impressions are a little bit complicated. An ad impression is when a Google Ad for your WordPress site appears on a user’s view. As long as the ad appears on a user’s display, this will count as one impression. If an ad appears again to the same user, this also counts as an additional impression. Why would you choose this method of payment? This is specifically useful when you want to create brand awareness for your WordPress site. For example, a large company like Coca-cola or McDonalds may benefit from impressions by growing brand awareness. This is usually a cheaper cost model amongst your options. In this modal, you are guaranteed a number of views but not the number of clicks.

Cost Per Click

You may choose to bid using Cost-per-Click or CPC. Cost-per-click means that you will be charged every time a user clicks on your ad. Yes, this means that every time you click on a search ad, the advertisement owner gets charged. This usually costs more than CPM as a click can lead to the desired user engagement. You don’t want to accidentally click on your own ads and charge yourself for doing so. Every cost-per-click requires an impression or view from the user. This means that clicks are more valuable than impressions.

How do you know if you have a great ad under the cost-per-click method? This is where the CTR or click-through-rate comes in handy. The click-through-rate is the number of clicks we get per number of impressions. According to, a click-through-rate of .6 percent seems to be the average for Google display ads. For example, if we have had 100,000 impressions, and 500 clicks, this means we have had a click-through rate of .5 percent. One negative aspect of this can be fraudulent clicks that drive up your advertisement costs. In this model, you are guaranteed a number of clicks, not a number of views.

Cost Per Engagement

You may want to choose to bid under a cost-per-engagement or CPE. Cost-per-engagement means that you will only be charged when the user completes a certain task. These takes can include a visit to a certain site, completing a survey, watching a short commercial. Every engagement requires a click from the user. In turn, every click requires an ad impression on the user. This makes engagements the most valuable action. You can now see why each one costs more than the last.

Google Ads Search and Display Networks

    With Google Ads, there are two types of campaigns you can choose to launch. You may choose to launch a campaign within a search network or display network. A campaign in a search network can appear under the google SERP. This means that the ad can appear in google search or google shopping.

    A campaign in a google display network means that the ad can appear in any of google’s website partners. As a result, Your ad can appear on over 2 million sites such as the Huffington Post, YouTube, ESPN, and Gmail. This means your ads will have unfathomable reach. For that reason, this campaign method gives you more flexibility when it comes to the ad you create. You can create an ad banner to span across a page. We may design a GIF to be repeated on a sidebar. You may use an image to be displayed. You may film a short video to be displayed before a youtube video. One downside of advertising on google display network is you may not know where your ad may appear. To battle this, you can exclude certain URLs from displaying your display ads.

Google Ads Cost

    The advertising costs will vary when using google ads. This is great because businesses small and large can set their own budget. You can set up a daily budget to prevent ridiculously advertising costs. You may choose to have a daily advertising budget of $10.00. For that reason, if your cost per clicks is $1.00, this means that after the 10th click, your ads will longer be displayed. Even more, you can change your monthly budgets and stop at any time.

Start Advertising

The first step in creating Google Ads for your WordPress Site is to create a Google Ads account. You can create one here.

Google Keywords

Google Keyword Planner example

    Choosing the correct keywords can be detrimental to a successful Google ad campaign. Due to the importance of keywords, you may use Google Keyword Planner to select the right keywords. Be careful not to include trademarked names in Google Ads. Keyword searches can change throughout the seasons and holidays. Popular keywords will cost more than less popular ones so be careful when choosing the keywords to have the best return on investment on your advertising budget. Some other tools you may use to optimize the keywords can be and Certainly, both are powerful tools to help you gain insight into the keywords that competitors are bidding for.

Google Ads Schedule

Google ads homepage schedule

    Google Ads can run on a time schedule. This is helpful for many reasons. If you are running Google ads for restaurants, you may want to advertise during the drive home from work. You may want to advertise only during business hours.

Google Ads on Devices

Computer, tablet, and mobile devices to display google ads

    Google ads gives you many options of devices to display your WordPress site ads on. You can choose to display ads on computers. Therefore, this will display ads on all desktops and laptops. This can be useful if you are advertising for software on computers. You can target display on mobile. For that reason, this can be helpful if you are advertising mobile apps or cellular services. You can choose to display on tablets. If you choose tablets you may want to remove call now features as these devices may not be able to make calls. You may choose to target TVs. This option includes Smart TVs, video game systems, Chromecast and other tv connected devices. An example of this medium may be Google Ads for video games.

Demographic Targeting with Google Ads

    Google ads allows you to only display your ads to your unique customer base. You can choose to target by gender, age, parental status or household income. As a result, If your business sells modern men’s clothing, target Male, age 18-35. If you are the AARP, you may target both genders and people aged 50+

Target Locations

Google ads targeting audience

    Google Ads is very powerful for WordPress sites when targeting the right audience. You do not want to be wasting clicks on customers who have no potential in becoming customers. Therefore, here you can target specific countries. In contrast, if your WordPress site is advertising for physical shops, you may choose to display ads within certain cities. Similarly, if you are a tourist business WordPress site, you may want to target audiences from outside the country. Airlines may choose to target only the cities they are servicing. You may also choose to exclude specific areas. One example can be to exclude advertising Google Ads to Hawaii or Alaska as these regions may cost businesses in the US extravagant shipping costs.


We went over much of the terminology of Google Ads. If you do not have a marketing budget, you can always choose to increase traffic with organic search engine optimization. You can learn search engine optimization with this article titled “Five-Step SEO Guide For Beginners“. Even more, if you would like professional help for your WordPress site, please contact us at