Five-Step SEO Guide For Beginners

Five-Step SEO Guide For Beginners


Published February 4, 2020, by Nikki Garcia

This is a five-step SEO guide for beginners to help understand how to apply it to your article writing or website. You will learn what SEO stands for, why it is important, and how to apply SEO in your writing. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Some examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engine optimization allows people to find your articles and websites when searching the internet.

If you are writing an article about technology in your city and you want it to appear on the first page when anyone searches technology, you will need to use SEO. Search engine optimization allows each search engine to find keywords that a user types in the search engine so they can find what they need on the internet.

Why Is SEO Important

The letters SEO representing search engine optimization for beginners and some keywords.

SEO is important because if you don’t use it, anyone who searches for your website or article will never be able to find it. Most people only click the results that pop up on the first page of Google or whichever search engine they chose to use. If your webpage or article does not appear on the first page, it is likely that no one will ever see it. Page ranking with keywords is very important. If your article or website is referred to by other articles or websites, it is more likely rank high and pop up on a search engine’s first page.

How To Apply SEO For Beginners

There are many ways to apply SEO in your writing. This SEO guide for beginners will cover 5 ways to start using SEO. One way is to install the Yoast plugin and use the suggestions it provides. Then you can look up popular keywords and add those words throughout your article or website. You should also make use of the meta data by adding those keywords to the meta description as well. Then, you should add an image alternative attribute to every image and try to use a keyword. My last tip for you is to add internal and external links.

Step #1: Install Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is a tool you can use to help you apply these tactics to your website or article. You can start by installing this plugin on your WordPress website. Once it is installed you should activate this plugin. If you want to write an article on your website you can click on the Post tab and create a New Post. Then, add a title to your article, add an image, and one paragraph. 

Once you have those three items you can start using the Yoast plugin to help you make your article searchable. If you scroll down to the end of your article post on your WordPress website you will see the Yoast plugin with tabs labeled: SEO, Readability, and Social. SEO and Readability are the most important tabs. The SEO tab provides suggestions on how you can make your post easy for search engines to find. It gives you tips about your keyphrase, SEO title, and meta description.

Yoast SEO Readability Tab

The Readability tab provides you with suggestions on how to make your article easy for users to read. It will analyze your sentence length, paragraph length, passive voice, and transition words to name a few. Sentences are recommended to have less than 20 words. Once you have corrected the Yoast plugin SEO and Readability suggestions, a green smiley face will appear on that tab. After that, you are ready to post or publish your article.

Step #2: SEO Keywords In Title

If you are writing an article about technology in Fresno, you will need to include those keywords in your title and subtitles. Look up synonyms for technology and use those words throughout your writing. Moreover, your title should contain the keyword or the subject you are writing about along with other keywords that are often searched. You can use if you need help finding popular keywords for your title.

Step #3: SEO Keywords In Meta Description

Someone using the Google search engine typing in keywords to represent SEO

Meta keywords and the meta description helps search engines find your articles and website. A meta description is made up of one or two sentences that describe what your article or site is about. Adding this will help you rank better than other sites or posts and get you one step closer to being on a search engine’s first page.

Step #4: Add Image Alt Attributes

You can help Google or other search engines index an image properly by using the image alt attribute to describe the image you used on your website or article. Using the alt attribute to explain what an image is will help the visually impaired users who utilize screen readers. The screen reader will read the alt attribute description of the image. Below is an example of what an image alt attribute looks like.

<img src=”flower.jpg” alt=”Pink Flower”>

Step #5: Include Links To Help SEO Ranking

External links or backlinks are like a personal reputation. When another article or website includes a link to yours it helps your ranking. Backlinks are similar to someone referring you or your business to others. Internal links that link to different pages of your website improves your SEO ranking. Also, if you link one related article to another article, that will help your SEO ranking.

SEO Guide Summary

Computer and cell phone showing rising statistics representing SEO for beginners

Start optimizing the searchability of your article or website by applying the SEO tips in this article. Install the Yoast plugin and activate it. Use it to the best of your ability. Make sure you add keywords in your titles and subtitles. Create a meta description with those same keywords. Add images that pertain to the subject you chose to enhance your website or article. 

Utilize the image alt attribute to describe the image and try to add keywords in your description if possible. Then, make sure you add at least one internal link and one external link to an article or website that relates to your subject. Lastly, review the Yoast plugin readability suggestions and make those corrections. If you follow these steps and apply them, you will be on your way to the first search results page!

Bonus Tip

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